Treating Your Furniture This Holiday Season

It’s the holidays which means your furniture is at risk for the many bumps and bruises that come with having family over. If you are interested in hosting parties or events throughout the season you’ll want to take the proper steps to protecting your furniture. Part of appreciating time with loved ones includes having meals, appetizers, and drinks; by properly treating and learning furniture care, you won’t have to worry about accidental spills. Depending on the space you have to accomodate people, you shouldn’t have to think about making your furniture off-limits for guests. Whether you have leather, metal, or wooden furniture, protecting and preventing damage is key to the longevity of your items. Even if accidents happen, your materials are in good hands with the following information:

From wood floors to dining room tables your wood is constantly being used for warm beverages, condensation-filled glasses, and slippery foot prints. Prolonged exposure to wetness can result in bloated materials or staining, which can be irreversible for your wooden products. Instead of using a scrubbing method, use a mild dish soap, a tiny bit of water, and a soft towel and lightly massage to remove any dirt or messes from the surface of your items. In addition, pick up some holiday coasters and table runners to further protect your furniture from the many glasses and plates your guests will place on your furniture. If you are interested in your products specific cleaning details, check out the the “care” directions it may offer on the furniture’s website, like on Arhaus. This description can give you an even more in-depth look into your item’s cleaning needs. In addition, check out your local homeware store for touch-up pens to use on any scratches your wooden products have accumulated.

Leather is one of the more expensive products to adjust and treat, but always worth the care after you have decided to make the purchase. Keep your items out of direct sunlight to avoid discoloration and fading. Often times pets nails and shoes can damaged the couch by adding rips, and indents; try to keep colored leather pens on hand to touch up imperfections, should any mishaps occur. This way, you can fill in the scratches for less of a cost than completely rebuying a couch; there’s also ways to buff scratches out of furniture using a leather conditioner. Be sure to ask your furniture provider for the best leather treater for your individual item. Usually, before purchasing, the item should have an exact treatment guide with the type of leather to best clean the product. Much like wood, the material doesn’t need to be scrubbed or use excess water to clean, just lightly wipe and spills with a mild soap and water to bring any stains out. Any additional protection should have a speciality leather cleaner that is designed solely for this material.

Your metal items are easy to lose track of and can result in chipping due to dust and moisture. By coating with a wax, and lightly dusting, you’re able to keep track of your metal items without having to inspect them regularly. Knowing they are relinquished of their potential rusting properties, you can clean them as often as you want without excess damage. If you are unpacking holiday decor this year, be sure to treat your metal decor before you hang, and when you put away to keep its longevity for the next holiday season. Keeping updated on your metal is important, because once it begins to crack, it’s a lot more difficult to repair than it is to keep it clean. Check out the items manual before doing any serious cleaning and touch-ups to ensure the product is safe for use.

You don’t have to worry about your furniture this holiday season. Relax and enjoy delicious food with friends and family in every room, with fresh clean furniture, and a backup plan in case the party gets a little crazy! Refer to the infographics below for a better look into the ways to treat your favorite items.

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