Travel and Discover Italy’s Best Secret: Puglia

Passport to Puglia

People always ask me where my favorite place to visit in Italy is and it will always remain Puglia! Puglia is the heel of Italy’s boot, and more importantly remains one of the best-kept secrets of Italy.

My mother was born in Puglia, so I had the great fortune of spending my childhood summers in her small hometown of Toritto. As I have grown and continued my travels, Puglia is the one part of Italy that still remains largely unchanged.

As far as hotel lodging, forget what you know about corporate hotels and sleep in a converted farmhouse or reclaimed manor. When it comes to dining in Puglia, the quaint restaurants serve only the highest-quality, delicious, local ingredients. It’s a wonderful city with stunning beaches, vineyards, and farmer’s markets- a foodie’s dream!


Discover Puglia

I urge you to discover Puglia- you won’t regret it! Lonely Planet has a great guide to shopping, eating, and lodging, which you can check out here. Otherwise, here are my top picks:


Where to stay? Hotel San Nicola , Agriturismo Montepaolo, and Salento Nascosto are some of my favorite hotels. 


Where to eat? You must dine at Porta d’Oriente, Caffe Ronchi Striccoli, and II Rombo Di Florio.


Join Me This Summer 2015

But why stop there? Would you like to join me in Puglia? Because this summer, I’m hosting a Luxury Culinary Tour with Southern Visions Travel. That’s right- 7 days, 6 nights at a Luxury Manor House with yours truly. We’ll check out the local farmer’s markets, wine-taste at the vineyards, oil taste at the olive oil farms, and get our hands dirty in semi-private cooking classes. Each day consists of its own unique itinerary: a hands-on tour of Puglia with a culinary focus.


There are two tours to choose from- one starts on May 30th, 2015 and the other starts June 6th. To learn more about the trip or to book your tickets, head to


Hope to see you there!

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