The Gift of Giving

I consider myself a pretty great gift-giver. I'm skilled at paying attention to the recipient's wants and needs, thinking outside the box, and surprising them with something beautiful and unique. This week, my team and I sat down to our weekly meeting and got on the topic of gift giving. It turns out- everyone had a unique spin on how they find the ultimate holiday gifts! From creating themes to monogramming, here are our Top 5 Tips for the Gift of Giving!

1. CREATE A THEME- Michele

Creating a theme keeps me focused and inspired! It’s a creative approach that really touches the heart of your recipients- it shows you put in extra thought!

For the little ones in my family the theme this year is “It’s Only Natural.” They will be getting wooden toys such as; blocks, cars & puzzles as well as clothing made of organic material. You can find wooden toys at The Manhattan Toy company or Hape Toys found on Amazon or Moolka. The clothes can be found at The Ultimate Green Store. For my nieces the theme is “It’s In The Bag.” They will get the necessities for a perfectly packed purse. I will include lip gloss, hand cream, mini umbrella, mini nail kit etc., all in a chic makeup bag. I found some great little goodies at Sephora. My girlfriends’ theme is ”It Is Better To Give Than Receive,” so they will be getting jewelry from Exvotovintage. Proceeds from this company benefit pediatric brain cancer. There are several other companies out there that benefit a multitude of organizations.


You know what makes gift-giving really easy? Pinterest! Chances are, your girlfriend/sister/best friend has a board chock-full of things they want, but can't or won't purchase for themselves. Home décor and jewelry is commonly lusted after, but never bought. It’s seen as a luxury, not as necessity, which makes it a perfect present!

One year, I bought a handmade ring for my sister that I found on her Pinterest board, and she couldn’t figure out how I knew exactly what she wanted! It’s been years, and she still hasn’t taken it off. It just goes to show-with a little social media stalking, you could give Santa Claus a run for his money!

3. START EARLY & SHOP ONLINE- Jess & Donatella

Throughout the year, keep your eyes peeled for what would make great Christmas gifts for your friends and family. If you spot something in June- buy it in June! There are great deals all throughout the year, and if you start early you are less likely to stress last-minute.

Remember too, that the same product can vary in price, so shop around before committing to a specific vender. For the best deals, we like to head online: HSN, Amazon, Zulily, ShopStyle, and Hautelook are notorious for high-quality, low-cost goods. With hundreds if not thousands of customer reviews, you’re bound to get something worthwhile.

4. MAKE IT PERSONAL- Meredith & Brian

Personalizing a gift makes it special, and monogramming is a great way to show you put in extra care. At, you can monogram everything from luxury placements to these brightly colored luggage tags and passport holders.

Every time the recipient sets the table or goes on vacation- they’ll think of you!


Sometimes, in order to find the perfect gift you have to think outside the box. If your recipient is “the guy who has everything,” give him something to turn that lazy Christmas afternoon into a lasting memory.

Some of my favorite childhood recollections are of the family gathering around the fireplace with hot chocolate in hand and playing Monopoly or Scrabble. As adults- switch out the hot chocolate forsomething a little stronger, and opt for a new tongue-in-cheek/ pop-culture game that will keep the family engaged and laughing for hours! Some of my favorites are Apples to Apples, Smart Ass, and for those who can’t peal themselves away from technology: Head’s Up . Frontgate also has a great selection of games of all shapes and sizes here.

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