Recipes our Moms Make Better Than Us

As my team and I gathered around to discuss potential Mother’s Day blogs, we came to the same conclusion: We all have that 1 recipe our moms passed down to us that we just can’t get exactly right. We’ve read and reread the recipes, watched Mom in action, and practiced endlessly, but it’s just not the same when we make it. Is she leaving something out or does Mom just have the magic touch? We may never know.

Donatella: The “Boss Lady”

For me it’s Stuffed Artichokes and Zucchini Fritters- no matter how many times my mother goes over the recipes, I’m convinced she’s leaving something out. They just don’t taste like hers! In fact, most of my mother's recipes are hard to replicate exactly. Perhaps its the way she handles the ingredients? Typically, I put an updated, modern twist on these classic Italian recipes, but there's something nostalgic about making them exactly the way Mama Maria does!

Andrea: Pastry-Chef Extraordinaire & Master of all Things Sweet

My mother is Puerto Rican and Sicilian (she liked to joke to my suitors “both sides are good with knives”). Not only is she a force to be reckoned with, she also happens to be an incredible cook. Anyone who had ever had her cooking sings her praises, and I definitely get my passion for cooking from her. Of all the things my mother makes, my favorite thing is without a doubt, her Pernil. It’s a slow roasted Puerto Rican pork shoulder, that you begin to marinate in citrus and garlic days before and slow cook for upwards of 10 hours. When it’s done, it’s tender and falling off the bone. It’s heaven. Well worth the wait. Just add barbecue sauce, layer it with cole slaw, and serve on a bun.

Meredith: Brand & Product Development Guru. The Left Brain.

My grandmother was Hungarian and everyone knows what fabulous cooks they are! Everything she made was delicious, but who doesn’t love chicken soup a la Grandma? We loved to devour it at holiday meals with her homemade noodles. It is satisfying and healthy anytime of the year and will give you that TLC only a mom can provide!

Jess: Graphic Designer & Marketing Maven. The Right Brain.

While Dad reigns supreme in the kitchen, Mom was known for a few dishes that no one executes like her. The most popular of which, are her authentic British sausage rolls. No one in my family gets the dough as fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside as she does. What was once reserved for special occasions (namely Christmas) has become a family favorite- made pretty much year-round. The key to perfect sausage rolls is to get the best quality cumberland sausage or banger meat that you can find. The rest is ridiculously simple.

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