Pizza Con Enzo

This week, I’m honored to be apart of the Pizza Expo in fabulous Las Vegas! As part of my keynote speech, I compiled footage from my first ever pizza making lesson with Neapolitan pizza maker Enzo Coccia. His Neapoliton pizzeria, La Notizia, has been the first pizzeria to be recommended by Michelin Guide and fork awarded since the opening.
He told me his old-school approach to preparing dough and baking off the perfect pie. Preparing classic Neapolitan Pizza is truly a labor of love, but it’s one worth taking to get that classic, timeless, and perfect Pizza Napoletana! After months of endless practice, I was finally able to work the dough like a pro- although no where near as great as Enzo!

“I’m not an artist. The musicians, the sculptors, the painters are artists. I am an artisan at the service of one of the oldest Neapolitan activities, a pizzajuolo. A pizzaiolo with an identity, a brain and a soul.” -Enzo Coccia

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