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Airing Schedule Feb 2014Last year, I worked feverishly to bring you an original line of packaged goods and cookware and I can’t thank you enough for the support and feedback. I’m thrilled to be back Monday, February 10th (9am & 5pm EST) and Tuesday, February 11th (10am EST) to debut my NEW HSN products LIVE just in time for Valentine’s  Day. And don’t worry if you can’t watch me on TV- all my products will be available online here.

DONATELLA ARPAIA pearlescent stoneware line hsnMy goal was and always is to create a beautiful, efficient, and affordable space for you to cook and entertain like a pro. I feed the need for more glam in the kitchen with my Ceramic Stoneware Line and Elegant Disposable Linens, and ease up your cooking process by turning my award-winning meatball recipe into a frozen variety- perfect for those days when you need to prepare a quality meal in a hurry.

Donatella arpaia HSN MeatballsI’ve been listening to your feedback, and have extended my line of products to reflect your wants and needs. So without further ado, let’s meet the new line-up!

Gluten Free Pizza DoughAdding to my existing line of pizza dough mix of is my NEW gluten free version. Whether you’re joining the GF movement for health reasons or you have an allergy, you’ll love this pizza crust mix that tastes just as great as my original flavors. Many gluten free products have a crumbly, dry consistency- but mine is doesn’t sacrifice quality. Need a little inspiration? Check out my pizza recipes here.

HSN alfredo and pesto sauceCreamy Alfredo and zesty Pesto join the existing team of Marinara, Arrabbiata, and Vodka. Each classically prepared sauce is all-natural with no preservatives and only the freshest, finest ingredients- there’s nothing on the labels you can’t pronounce. My versatile sauces aren’t just for pasta. Check out some innovative ways to use Alfredo, Pesto, and my tomato-based sauces here.

donatella arpaia HSN bling cupcakesThis Valentine’s Day, buy some Bling Cupcakes for your cupcake! I’m debuting vanilla with a salted caramel injection and vanilla buttercream, chocolate with a marshmallow injection and chocolate buttercream, and the ever-popular red velvet cupcake with cream cheese injection and cream cheese frosting. And all of these delicious flavors are decorated with my signature bling sprinkles! 

Donatella Arpaia Choc Escape GIVEAWAY Instead of buying the typically box of chocolates for your chocolate lover this year, opt for something new: The Chocolate Escape Package. Chocolate chunk biscotti mix, rich chocolate fondue mix, and a mocha latte mix. Then Jazz up your fondue with my unique recipes!
Don’t forget to head over to for a chance to WIN A FREE CHOCOLATE ESCAPE PACKAGE.

Donatella Arpaia Latte Mixes GIVEAWAYFor the coffee addict, I’m introducing my NEW line of lattes: caramel, mocha, & chai. I’ve developed some unique recipes here for the aspiring chef, and I’m running a TWITTER GIVEAWAY! Just tell me your favorite flavor with #LoveYouALatte.
Check out my complete line of products for HSN at!

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