Meet the Team

Meet the D-Team

The Little Man, Comic Relief

The Little Man joined Donatella’s team in 2012 as Chief of Comic Relief & Mess Making. His strengths include erasing the company white board during meetings, watering the printer, and jumping insanely high on his toddler trampoline. With unparalleled athleticism (No, really.... he jumps SO high) and comic timing, The Little Man immensely increases moral around the office. As a “Connaisseur du Chocolat”, The Little Man provides a unique culinary point of view contributing to the success of Donatella’s online community.

Michele Scarano, Recipe Development

Michele holds a B.A. in Biology and Education from Hunter College and a Master’s Degree in Deaf & Hard of Hearing from NYU. After years of teaching science to middle school students, she decided to pursue her passion and attend the French Culinary Institute.
Since finishing the culinary program, Michele has continued to teach cooking classes at Miette cooking school, catering parties, and spending summers working in restaurant kitchens. She is now fully devoted to her love of cooking and is delighted to be working with Donatella and her wonderful, talented team. Contact Michele directly.