Let’s Talk Christmas: Interview with Frontgate

The Holidays can be extremely stressful, so anything I can do to alleviate that stress is welcome, I'm sure! When it comes to decor, I always feel like I need some hep getting started. I always start with a vision, but bringing it to fruition is quite the challenge. Luckily, I was able to sit down with one of the innovators behind Frontgate to get the download on all things decorating when it comes to Christmas. Hope this helps you as much as it did me!

Top Tips for Holiday Decorating

First you need to define your style. You can do this by looking for inspiration in magazines or on Pinterest. Some people even find inspiration in a special ornament or decoration that has special meaning to them. Once you have an idea of the style or look you are trying to achieve, it makes narrowing down the options much easier.

Also try to define the color pallet that you want to work with and if you can identify special elements you want to include (crystal or mirrored accents, glitter, fur, etc.). It will help you stay focused while shopping

Holiday decor looks beautiful in any color palette, so go outside the lines and do what is appealing to you!

Best use of all those Holiday Knick-knacks?

Spread them around your house! Use the items that look nice together in a display on your mantel, buffet, in a tablescape, or on a side table. For items that don’t match the rest of your holiday décor, place them in a powder room or mix it in on a bookshelf.

Need a little decorating help? Frontgate can help!

The designers at Frontgate can be a great help! Our designers are well trained with the product and have had hands on interaction with almost all of our merchandise. They can help you when trying to pull your look together as well as give decorating tips and answer your ‘how to’ questions!

Top tips for styling a homemade wreath or garland

Use materials and components that you are comfortable working with. If you are not comfortable using ribbon, then don’t use it! You can always add a pre-made bow that is easy to work with…. this helps take the stress out of decorating and keeps it fun!

I like to use our picks, tree bouquets, and floral. They add interest to your greenery and are easy to work with. Then just tie on a few ornaments and you have a beautiful look.

Favorite Holiday additions to Frontgate this year

I love our tree bouquets, they are so easy to work with and make decorating so easy! You can create a designer look in half the time and with half the stress.

Also our Quick Light tree takes the dread out of putting the tree up. The sections are light weight and you can have your tree assembled in just a minute or two.

Tell me how to tie those perfect bows!

For people who find working with ribbon challenging we offer a selection pre-made bows that are already made for you and you just tie them onto your wreath or garland.

Those who are up for the challenge can visit our website for step by step instructions.

Let’s Talk about Christmas Trees.

Measure, measure, measure and then measure again! Before you purchase a tree it is extremely important that you measure your space. Figure out where in your home you would like to put the tree. Measure your ceiling height and the diameter of usable floor space that you have. Then you will easily be able to figure out if you have room for a full profile tree or if you will need a slim profile.

As for decorating your tree: A new tree straight out of the box is going to need to be shaped. Some people find it easier to shape each section as they are assembling the tree while others prefer to assemble the tree first and then go back and shape the branches. To shape the branches simply start pulling apart the branches, from the back of the branch to the tips, in all directions until the branches look more like a life like branch and the dead space is filled in.

Once the tree is shaped you will then add your decorations in layers...
1) Ribbon
2) Picks or floral stems
3) Garland
4) Ornaments
Tip: to help hold ribbon, picks, or other elements in place we suggest using floral wire.

How do recreate the “Frontgate home” look?

The best way to achieve the look of a Frontgate home without hiring a designer is to use our pre-decorated greenery. They give you a fully decorated look without all the work! Then mix in some of our beautiful decor, candle sticks, dream candles, beaded cones, or crystal figures to finish off the look. For the look of a Frontgate tree remember to use lots of ornaments!!!

And there you have it! Visit Frontgateto get more holiday decorating ideas and add a little bit more magic to your Christmas this year.

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