Grilled Eggplant, Tomatoes and Smoked Mozzarella


  • 1 large eggplant
  • ¼ cup olive oil
  • 3 large ripe tomatoes
  • ½ pound smoked mozzarella


  • Heat Grill
  • Cut eggplant into thick slices, about ½ inch.
  • Slice tomatoes into thick slices, about ½ inch.
  • Slice the mozzarella into thick slices, about ½ inch.
  • Brush the eggplant and tomato slices with olive oil.
  • Place the eggplant slices on the grill and grill until charred on both sides.
  • Place tomatoes on grill and cook for 2 minutes on each side. Remove.
  • Place a tomato slice on a slice of eggplant, top with a slice of smoked mozzarella.
  • Place stack back on grill and close the cover for 1 minute or until cheese starts to melt.
  • Place on serving dish and drizzle with some extra virgin olive oil.

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