Disposable 50-piece Cocktail Napkins

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From dinner parties to intimate Sunday brunches, you love to entertain. Topping off your gorgeous tablescape with paper napkins just won’t cut it, but if you find one more stubborn stain on your grandma’s vintage napkins, you’re going to scream! These disposal fabric cocktail squares are much more elegant than paper but you can toss them after one use or wash and reuse them a few times. The perfect compromise!

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  • • Disposable cotton napkins on a perforated roll
  • • Perfect for parties and entertaining
  • • Simply tear off as needed
  • • Wash and reuse up to 6 times or dispose of after a single use
  • • No more worrying about spills and stains


Color Choices:

Ecru, Gray, Caribbean Green, Lipstick Red or Aubergine Purple


Approx. 4-1/2″L x 4-1/2″W each

Country of Origin:


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