It All Began In Italy

about_img1“My passion for food was formed at a young age. Spending summers at my grandfather’s Italian olive farm & growing up in Dad’s restaurants, food is in my DNA. Mama Maria’s lessons in the kitchen are some of my fondest memories, and they were invaluable to the foundation of my cooking.”

Growing up in the Restaurant

about_img2“As a child, I literally grew up in the restaurant industry. My parents even had my crib in the kitchen next to the dishwasher and the sound would lull me to sleep! Both my father and my older brother are successful restaurateurs in New York City.  Although, my parents wanted a better life for me and persuaded me to go to law school, which I did. I realized after less than a month practicing law that I couldn’t shake this passion for cooking. Then I opened my first restaurant at 25 called Bellini.”

Following the Heart

about_img3Since opening her first restaurant in 1988, Donatella has lent her expertise to string of successful restaurants- like Davidburke & Donatella, Anthos, and Kefi and earned accolades like James Beard Nominations and Michelin Stars. Check out Donatella’s Restaurants here.

The Meatball Queen


In 2010 and 2012, Donatella entered her mouthwatering veal-braised meatballs in the New York Food & Wine Festival’s Meatball Madness competition. The recipe had been passed down from generation to generation. Proving there is no substitute for a classic, slow-cooked recipe, Donatella won the competition twice- beating out major names in the culinary world! These same meatballs are a staple menu item at her restaurants, and are available for purchase on HSN.com/Donatella

Becoming an Iron Chef Judge

about_img5At the success of her restaurants, Donatella has become an influential women in the world of business and culinary arts. She is best known for her role as head judge on Food Network’s Iron Chef America, and is a regular contributer to NBC’s The Today Show. Donatella continues to make the rounds on television with guests judge appearances and culinary demos alike.

Cooking In Style


“My ability to combine timeless recipes & lessons with our current way of life is what differentiates me. I always use the freshest, highest quality ingredients available with classic techniques. I bring fun, drama, and personality to the table, and my presentation is uniquely beautiful, but not fussy or overly “chefy.” I put my modern twist on recipes passed down through generations that are as impressive as they are easy.”

Kitchen Solutions

about_img7As a chef and restaurateur, Donatella has been cooking and entertaining her entire life- often with the best of the best right at her fingertips. When it came to entertaining at home she found the options were limited- too expensive and impractical or low-quality and lacking in style. It was then that Donatella realized what we really want: affordable luxury-something that’s just right. She continues to develop her line of kitchen solutions, which are sold exclusively on HSN.com/Donatella.



Donatella’s exclusive Frontgate collections reflect a point of view that is at once glittering, glamorous and grounded in the natural world.