5 Reasons I Love The Dollar Store

Flowers in a $1 Mason Jar the dollar store is one of my favorite places to shop when I’m getting ready for a party. You would be totally surprised at the quality and selection of goods! Get ready to save, my friends, because this store has it all!

$1 Mason Jar 1. $1 KITCHENWARE- No more getting upset if someone breaks a wine glass or chips a plate, which is bound to happen when you throw a party. Without the attachment to your kitchenware, you can throw your party in a less stressful environment. They have a variety of sizes and shapes, and some dollar stores even carry my beloved mason jars! They add a rustic and unique touch when used as a drinking glass, and also make adorable flower vases and candle votives.

where-to-buy-cheap-nutcrackers 2. QUALITY DECORATIONS- Birthdays, Halloween, Christmas, you name it. From cardboard cut-outs to streamers and garlands, you can find just about anything at the dollar store for only a buck, which is a fraction of what you would pay at a “party store.” I love getting Christmas ornaments there and mixing them on my tree with more expensive ones. Nobody knows the difference! I recently saw these little wooden Nutcrackers that would look adorable above a mantel or fireplace.

palmolive dollar store 3. CLEANING SUPPLIES- Some of your favorite brands and products can be found at the dollar store for a fraction of the price. Comet bleach, Palmolive dish soup, and Glad trash bags …paper towels and sponges too! Why spend more on the same product when you can get it for $1?

stickers 4. GIFT BAG STUFFERS- I like to give away goodie bags at children’s birthday parties and the dollar stores has a great selection of party favors. I’ll buy an assortment of candy, stickers, and small toys and the kids love it!

fairy wings dollar store 5. COSTUME ACCESSORIES- The dollar store has a great selection of costume accessories for kids. I wouldn’t buy an entire costume there, but if you’re a pirate- they have patches and hooks. There are fairy wings and crowns for princesses and tons of feather boas. Get creative and let the selection inspire you.

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